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Premium Features

Feature rich,  easily customizable and themeable popup plugin to display welcome messages, exit messages and opt in forms to your site visitors.

Live Preview

Customize options provided by the popup theme and view the results instantly on the live preview area along with animations effects.



Easily view total number of impressions and conversions for your popups and also check if you are getting the desired conversion rate.



Extend core features of Popliup with add-ons to suit your need. Easily integrate optin forms with services like Mailchimp with the help of add-ons.



Beautiful pre-made themes for your popup to select from. Customize the theme options as you like and your beautiful popup is ready to roll.

Get one hour of free service for installation and customiztion with every purchase of Popliup.

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Great UX with beautiful themes and animations

A wide range of themes and animations available to select from and customize the popup.

Beautiful Popup Themes

The popliup pro plugin comes loaded with five customizable themes to chose from. You can also download other themes when required from popliup site.

Cool animation effects

The pro version of the popup plugin has 30+ animation effects to chose from. Using these you can add life to the popups and seek attention of the visitors easily.

Sample Animations

The Power To Control

Control how and when the popup is displayed to the user without being naggy or interrupting.
  • Timed Display

    Display popup after some time of page load

  • Scroll Display

    Display popup after a predefied percentage or pixel of the page has been scrolled

  • Exit Intent

    Trigger popup when the user is about to leave the page

  • Event Display

    Show the popup only when user clicks or hovers over a certain element on the page

Features That Make Popliup Powerful

Features like live preview, display conditions, display options give you the ability to show the popups as you want and where you want.

1Display Conditions

  • Contorl on which link or page the popup is displyed
  • Hide or show for mobile devices
  • Control whether popup is displayed to visitors when coming from other sites
  • Hide or show popups to logged in users
  • ... and much more

2Display Options

  • Display popup after some time delay
  • Display upon clicking or hovering over any element
  • Display after defined amount of page is scrolled
  • Display popup as the user is about to leave the page (Exit intent)
  • ... and much more


Easily extend features of popliup using addons. Integrate with third party servrices like Mailchimp, view statistics and much more. As new addons are made available you can use Popliup for variety of needs and integrate with many more third party services.

4Themes & Animations

Do not show same boring popups to your site visitors. Popliup brings to you lots of beautiful and customisable themes that will provide your users a nice visual experience. Getting attention of visitors is a breeze with 30+ animation effects that popliup provides.

5 And even more...

With every purchase you get one hour of free service for installation and customiation of the plugin. You also get premium support and discount on future purchases. With popliup wordpress popup plugin boosting up your mailing list is now even more easier. Get it now and get all the benefits.

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Don't miss the introductory offer. Many new features are on the way. Get it now before the price increases and get future updates for free.

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This is the Default popup theme

The default popup theme has the feature that allows you to change border color and width along with popup box corner radius size.


Minimal Popup Theme

You will love this popup theme for displaying popup messages if you are a minimalist. This theme that comes free with Popliup WordPress popup plugin allows you to change background color and border radius.


Striped Border Popup Theme

This one is a nice looking popup theme that has customizable border colors.


The GPM Popup Theme

A visually appealing, elegant wordpress popup theme that gives you option to add an header image and logo. Subscribe to the newsletter and get notified about new themes.


The Whole Screen Popup Theme

Use this popliup popup theme to get the complete attention of the visitor. This covers up the whole screen and displays your message.


Popup Open Animations

Popliup popup plugin supports 30+ opening and closing popup animations for you to chose from. Now display popups on your wordpress site with style.


WordPress Popup Plugin to Boost Your Mailing List

Use Popliup popup popup plugin to display optin form popups and convert your visitors to subscribers. This popup plugin has Mailchimp integration to add subscribers to your mailing list.


Welcome Popliup website!

Get latest Popliup popup themes, addons and tips on this site. Get the wordpress popup plugin now.


Popup Plugin for WordPress

This is an easy to use WordPress popup plugin. Some of the features are:

  1. Display popup after some time or on user scroll
  2. Hide popup to the user if once shown
  3. Set conditions regarding when and on which page the popup will be shown
  4. Customize appearance, overlay color, popup width and opacity

Meet Popliup – The WordPress Popup Plugin

Popliup is probably the most user friendly WordPress popup plugin out there. With live preview, optin form popups, beautiful themes Popliup is the powerful popup plugin for your WordPress site. Subscribe to the newsletter to get exciting offers, news and discounts on popup themes and add-ons.